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Surveillance systems

Surveillance system technology has exploded recently due to the emergence of NVRs and IP cameras. The NVR provides reliable and scalable storage for recorded video files and for live viewing. Megapixel IP cameras have an incredible ability to pick up detail allowing for features such as reading text on a paper, identifying people using facial recognition and detecting license plates. The IP platform also gives the customer the ability to view images from anywhere and at anytime and any device. This flexibility opens up a myriad of possibilities and applications for video. Security was the first application for video surveillance.

The proof is irrefutable that the existence of cameras alone prevents thefts and employee abuse but video gives another element when incorporated with employee management and accountability.

The next few years will see a considerable growth in this area. Whether tracking people or assets, video gives an image to what otherwise would be just an unused file on a hard drive. Monitoring production, warehouse or general office activity is a proven productivity tool that can be measured in dollars and cents. The SYNERGY VUE module as part of the Synergy suite of modules has an integrated NVR that is used the video images in VUE as a tool for the other modules in Synergy

One of the most important and necessary features of the system is the detection of anomalies and critical levels. Synergy Signal will notify administrators of these anomalies and allow the user to address the issue or shutdown the process. Managed power connection is the automation part of synergy signal. It enables Signal to automatically power up devices, machines and systems and gives authorized user’s complete control of the schedules for automatically starting and stopping these systems as well as providing manual control of these systems from any computer, smart phone or tablet.

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