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Syntec Systems’ Synergy Solo is a powerful “first of its kind” platform to control and manage an organizations technology. Until now, technology implementations would require multiple systems, platforms and vendors to provide the necessary solution to keep a business running. This would create an untenable situation where the systems were cumbersome to access and manage and would not share information or functionality. This would severely limit the advantages these technologies offer. Imagine if there was a system that could exist in a virtual environment where no system hardware was needed. Imagine if a system could provide enterprise features for access control, IP surveillance, telephony, energy management, intrusion security and time/attendance. Imagine if this system could be streamlined on a single IP platform allowing any of these devices to be deployed anywhere in the world by simply plugging the device into the network. Imagine no more. Synergy Solo does all this and more.

Synergy Gatekeeper

GateKeeper is the access module for Synergy. An array of IP readers are available to mix and match” for use on this module. RFID, biometric finger, facial recognition and many other readers are available, which makes it the most versatile access system on the market. The uniqueness does not stop there. Because of the IP technology the readers are autonomous and can operate and authenticate without the server or even the network being on line. The interface allows all actions like opening doors and monitoring events to be accomplished with a hand held or tablet.

Synergy Vue

VUE is the surveillance module for Synergy. As in all Synergy modules, just configure the IP address for the cameras and plug it into the network and now the live or recorded images for that area are accessible via computer, hand held or tablet. This “native” function of Synergy not only eliminates the need for DVRs, power boxes and coax cables, but also provides images for other functions of Synergy. View the image at a door and converse with the guest before clicking the screen to open the door. View an image on the screen of your tablet or IP phone as you converse with co-workers in a conference room. With the “Secure track” feature you can configure a monitor for a custom view for a security desk, a reception area or a warehouse manager.

Synergy TimeKeeper

With Synergy TimeKeeper a business can manage time of hourly employees and the attendance of all others. TimeKeeper has comprehensive reports that can report the times for different rates for an individual user, and can build a file that can be submitted to a payroll company like ADP.

  • Synergy features
  • Active Directory compatible
  • Comprehensive mobile Apps
  • Enterprise level features and function
  • Automatic backups and updates
  • No Back office hardware
  • Tennant Servicing
  • Virtual/hosted server compatible
  • Unlimited security roles for log in users
  • Wall boards for Call Center
  • Autonomous reader operation
  • Reader less operation
  • Live security and access monitor
  • Mobile and Web door and device control
  • Mobile and Web Time and attendance
  • ADP compatibility
  • Interactive technology map
  • Energy management with real time reports and notifications
  • Camera grouping profiles
  • Web based access WITHOUT installing software
  • Door monitor page to view cameras, converse with visitor and “click to open” doors
  • Comprehensive notifications for all modules
  • Comprehensive reporting for all modules
  • Mobile and web access to video
  • Automatic records management
Synergy Signal
Signal is the module that controls the physical environment. Climate control, machinery, lights, and other needed automation is controlled by this module. The notifications and mobile control allow users to be notified of an issue and to be able to make adjustments from anywhere.
Interactive Floor Plans
Create comprehensive floor plans can be imported to the system with all the technology end points located on them. From the screen, view the icons of the users or guests in the room. Initiate calls to extensions or the paging system, view surveillance cameras, and open doors. The “Guest pass” feature tracks and displays the times, areas and escorts for visiting guests.
Synergy PeaceKeeper
The security module, PeaceKeeper, brings intrusion alarms into the 21st century. Now a truly integrated solution uses all the resources to secure a facility. Alarm sensors, access readers and cameras combine to provide information to administrators and to the central station on the security of the monitored area.
Records Management and Reporting
All synergy modules create records in the SQL database. The administrator is able to configure each module to manage records according to age, storage space and number of records. The comprehensive reporting enables authorized users to sort and display data on custom reports. The reports may be printed or exported in an number of formats such as PDF, Xcel and CSV. Users can create and save their own reporting templates and even have them automatically emailed.
Synergy VOX
VOX is the telecommunications module for Synergy. Once activated, VOX users have seemingly unlimited variety of endpoints to connect to the module. Almost every brand and model of SIP enabled IP telephones are compatible with the VOX module. SIP enable call boxes, cameras, readers cordless phones, mobile clients and more can be configured for use. VOX is one of the most feature rich PBXs on the market. Web conferencing, call centers, voice mail to email, tenant servicing and multiple auto attendants are just some of the features that come standard with the module. One of the most unique features of VOX is the mobile client. This feature turns a cell phone or tablet into a full functioning extension of the system. Once active on the device, calls made or received by the device and can be transferred and managed like any other extension. The calls will display the programmed caller ID not the caller ID of the cell phone which is an advantage when trying to avoid giving out cell phone numbers. The client functions with any network or internet connection, which means that full operation can be accomplished outside the office.
Tenant Servicing and Multisite Capability
The Synergy framework is designed for the ability to service multiple organizations or an organization with many divisions and departments. This “tenant servicing” restricts an administrator of one organization to only see the users and devices of their organization. Enterprise applications where there are multiple sites and campus settings can benefit from the enterprise tenant service mode. IP endpoints deployed at remote buildings are simply connected to the network and then are automatically configured by the server. Endpoints like readers, once configured and autonomous and do not need the network or service to function. Once the network is restored all stored transactions are sent to the server and updates, if any, are sent to the readers by the server.

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