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FTP Services

Some of the challenges of managing an organization’s IT infrastructure is the often fractured setup of who is providing and administering the peripheral services. Peripheral services include web hosting, domain management, Cloud backup, FTP services and Cloud Drive.

These are mostly inexpensive services, but have a profound impact on the efficiency of employees. For this reason it is important to have these services consolidated with the company that manages the other technology tools so they know how one service can impact the other.

These services also have an integration component where they will be accessible from other resources available to an organization and having one company manage them is crucial to the success of the integration.

Cloud drive and FTP server services are great tools to access large files remotely.

These secure features allow administrators to control what files can be accessed based on the credentials entered by the user. Using these services though SIGNAL allows users to access these files via apps that consolidate other SIGNAL modules and provide a complete solution for the user which greatly effects their efficiency.

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