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Smart Building

What is a smart building? In the 80s it was a building that was prewired for telephones..no computers yet. In the 90s it was a building that was wired for computers telephones and a high capacity for telephone lines….no internet yet. In the late 90s and 2000s it meant that fiber was available to the building for high speed internet.

What it means for Netcom today is that the building literally runs itself. A Netcom “Smart Space” will monitor and report unauthorized intrusion, automatically opens the doors in the morning, turns on the lights, starts the machines, brings the office temperature to the proper level, activate the day mode operation for the phone lines, notify managers of activity in certain areas of the office, log who is on time or late and yes, even make coffee for you….well we are working on that one. The questions might be, “who needs all that” and “how much is it”. Good questions.

In this competitive business and security conscious environment we are in, it is imperative that companies run as efficiently and provide the most secure environment for their employees as possible. Separately each of these systems if premised based, would be thousands of dollars and be cost prohibitive for most companies. Cloud based solutions are popular, but are limited on features, take of lots of band width and are solely dependant on the internet connection.

Netcom’s Smart Space combines the advantages of premise based and cloud based solutions. The Synergy Unified Technology Server is installed securely on premise. It is setup for “ala cart tenant servicing” so each company only uses and charged for what they need. This is done and a fraction of the cost premise based solutions, where maintenance and programming are included, and the equipment is located on site for the most stable operation and immediate service. Through one interface, users can manage their telephone calls and view other users, manage time and attendance for employees, adjust the temperature for the climate controlled environments, control doors and communicate with guests, monitor video from the surveillance cameras and much more.

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