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Automation systems

An organizations environment consists of the structured cabling, managed power connections (Automation), and environmental systems. Netcom’s structured cabling incorporates the highest level of installation practices, unique identification methods and documentation. Environmental systems like HVAC , refrigeration systems and other climate control systems can be managed though the premise based or hosted Synergy Signal module. This module of Synergy allows an authorized user to view the status of the system, adjust the parameters or run reports on the activity.

One of the most important and necessary features of the system is the detection of anomalies and critical levels.

Synergy Signal will notify administrators of these anomalies and allow the user to address the issue or shutdown the process. Managed power connection is the automation part of synergy signal. It enables Signal to automatically power up devices, machines and systems and gives authorized user’s complete control of the schedules for automatically starting and stopping these systems as well as providing manual control of these systems from any computer, smart phone or tablet.

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