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Managed and Hosted IT

Cloud based applications, voice and video steaming, management of firewall and virus protections against hacking, and wireless access are just some of the challenges of todays networks.

If these components are not managed properly, any one of them could compromise the network and bring and operation to a halt. Netcom’s IT solution manages the network from the cabling and network switches and routers to the servers and desktop computers.

An organization’s IT infrastructure has quickly become the most important and most vulnerable part of the operation.

The key to proper management is Preventive maintenance, Redundancy/backup and Optimization. Netcom’s PRO solution makes sure that all systems have the most current updates and protections against viruses the routers are loaded with the most current firmware and configured to provide the highest level of protection.

Redundancy ensures that redundant hardware and power systems, data backups and a disaster recovery plan are in place for the worst case scenario. An well optimized network means employees can work with efficiency and without interruption. Netcom optimizes the network by creating the optimal infrastructure that eliminates choke points, allow server and desktops to run at the highest speed and certify the structured cabling to ensure the cabling can handle the load of the network.

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