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Access Control systems

Synergy’s access control systems incorporate the latest technology available in the marketplace. Access control has been behind the technology curve with its dependency on the “WEIGAND” standard. This standard requires outdated, proprietary premise wiring, a multitude of proprietary equipment and obsolete software that cannot be changed or easily upgraded. It can only restricts access and thwarts any “out of the box” thinking.

The Synergy Gatekeeper access module, part of the Synergy system breaks the mold of the past and provides an IT industry standard solution for access control that has never existed.

Synergy is an IP platform system that is driven by software over network standard hardware. The advantage to a software solution is that as Synergy Systems adds features to this system, the product itself appreciates over time instead of depreciating as the traditional access systems do as soon as they are deployed.

This is not just an advantage from a design and longevity standpoint.

This IP based system that has the latest .NET technology and a SQL database. Gatekeeper has features such as time and attendance, Human resource Management, built in redundancy and backup, web and mobile accessibility and much more.

The web based System allow users to run custom reports for things such as mobility of users, access, exception reports, time and attendance and custom reports that are unique to the individual business. The data transfer can be accomplished either through the companies LAN or WAN for multiple locations. Because of the autonomy aspect of the reader, the data transfer can be done over the internet without a concern of whether the connection is up consistently.

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